Blue tea is new in town, has tons of health benefits

Blue tea

The trend of consuming black or green tea has fade away, now a new tea hits the town and it’s color is a majesty royal blue.

The blue tea is made from butterfly pea flower, it has an amazing taste and has a floral aroma that gives it an earth and woody flavor. It is said to be caffeine-free and have several health benefits.

Health Benefits of Blue tea

Have You Tried Blue Tea Yet? It Taste Spectacular And Are Loaded With Health Benefits

It has a lot of antioxidants and helps the body fight free radicals which are toxic and causes premature ageing. It detoxes your body at once. It lowers the risk of infections, which diabetics are prone to and it also effective for your heart health.

It has a wonderful effect on hair and skin. It has many vitamins and minerals which keeps your skin and hair looking great and prevent pre-ageing.

It refreshes your mind and boosts it activity and function. It will energize you and make you feel great. It can relieve stress and lower down the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

It minimizes the profound damage to cells of the body. The lesser the damage to cells, the lesser the risk of cancer.