Furniture Polish At Home: How Clean and Wash Your Wooden Furniture

Your dadi jaan’s chair, table and dresser that have been passed on to you are some of your most prized possessions. With intricate carving on wood and classy designs, these furniture pieces could lose their essence due to daily wear and tear.

For pieces that require replenishing, it’s essential to keep their original finish intact. Visit the furniture market in Saddar, Karachi and Al Hamra Town, Lahore to get finish restoration on antiques. Other than restoring the furniture’s original finish, the process of finish restoration helps in removing dirt that accumulates on the pieces over the years.

Instead of using oils to enhance the finish and appearance of furniture, apply a coat of high-quality paste wax on them. Apart from wax, dust pieces with a soft, lint-free cloth on a regular basis will help sustain the original look of the furniture while protecting it from erosion.

How Clean and Wash Your Wooden Furniture