Skin Whitening Overnight: Apply it Before Sleep & Get FAIR, SPOTLESS, Clear Face

Skin Whitening Overnight

Skin Whitening Overnight – Dr Badr Dhanani, a dermatologist from Karachi, however, disproves Dr Sheikh claims and says, “Laser can’t whiten or lighten your skin. People are living in this hype of fair skin and that has led them to spend exorbitant amounts of money to achieve this. Glutathione injections are generally an antioxidant but lightening of the skin colour is one of its side effects.”

Many cosmetic surgery practices are now offering these injections to lighten the skin but it was noted that these injections only suppress melatonin production and not inhibit it completely. “Once the injections are stopped the skin will eventually revert back to its normal tone,” adds Dr Dhanani. “Someone has to be mentally instable to take this route because the injections are extremely painful and need to be taken regularly.”

Apply it Before Sleep & Get FAIR, SPOTLESS, Clear Face